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Congratulations on taking the next step toward advancing your nursing education!

Your Next Steps:

  1. If you have not spoken with an Enrollment Counselor, please call the number below, let us know you have applied and would like to be assigned your personal Enrollment Counselor to help you proceed.
  2. Login to the MyGalen Student Portal
    • This will allow you to access and complete required Financial Aid documents, review your current applicant status as well as receive alerts and other notifications.
    • Your MyGalen Student Portal username and password will be emailed to you shortly.
    • Technical Support: If you have issues logging in, call 502-410-6209 or email
  3. Transfer Credit Review: Submit transcripts from previous education for evaluation of transfer credit:
    • If you need assistance requesting your official transcripts, please use this link to submit a Transcript Request Form for each of your previous schools. You will need to use your username and password from above to complete the form. We’ll then request your official transcripts for you, let you know once they’ve been received, and when your official Transfer Credit Review has been completed.
    • If you have unofficial copies of your transcripts, we can use those to complete an unofficial, preliminary review. You can fax a copy to (844.270.7656). Please contact your Enrollment Counselor for details or assistance.
  4. Look forward to acceptance!

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Enrollment Counselor at any time.

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